Getting Support

We appreciate that when you’re having problems with your website or online services time is of the essence – which is why our data centre is staffed 24/7/365 to make sure things stay running as they should. Our email support is active all day long so that if there’s a problem you can let us know straight away and our people can get on with getting things sorted for you. 

If your site or email is down
Please check the current system status. This will tell you if there are any problems with any of our systems, plus provide dates and times for upcoming planned maintenance.

If you have a question
Please check the Support Database – over 50% of all questions our Customer Services team receive are already answered in our Support Database, and it only takes a few seconds to search the database to find the answer to your problem.

You can achieve the best results by searching for a particular keyword rather than a full question. For example, searching ‘email iPad’ produces many more results than ‘how do I send email on my iPad’.

We only use high-spec Dell servers with the latest generation of Intel processors, so you can rest assured that your website is running on fast, high quality hardware.

Our servers are housed in purpose-built data centres to ensure they are optimised in every respect for maximum security and use the latest technologies to prevent data loss and downtime.

We have multiple 10Gigabit connections to the internet with different backbone providers, meaning that we’re highly unlikely to lose connectivity to the internet.


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